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மரியே வாழ்க !!!

Tamil is one of the oldest languages in the World and we are the group of Tamil people gathered in Faith to show our Gratitude to our Heavenly Father with our own Traditional culture and Language. We strive to increase Faith in people and to celebrate Humanity that we used to grow up with back home. 


To build a great community who would stand to spread the love and compassion towards other fellow human beings and  never hesitate to show our gratitude to our Heavenly Father in our own Language.


We do regular monthly mass in Tamil to provide a great feeling of taking part in Eucharistic celebration in the same way we do in our home land. In additional to regular monthly mass we also conduct regular monthly prayer meetings and retreats.


Our Community includes members from all over Houston. Our Activity center is located at the downtown Houston which gives easy access to all our members. We also welcome members who may not have spiritual inclination but has great heart and thriving desire to build and spread our Tamil culture and tradition here in Houston.

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